Day trip to Philadelphia

I will start off by saying that a day trip to Philly is just not nearly enough time. Not that we thought it was. Traffic and construction unfortunately dictated where we going, not visiting and arrival times.

Originally the plan to arrive at Ikea in Conshohocken by 11am. After a late start and tons of construction throughout all of PA, we decided to head over to the Touch and Go Childrens Museum and Bulk Vintage first, since they both close by 6pm. I dropped the Mrs and the lil one off and sped off to grab lunch.  The Mrs said the said the Touch and Go Museum was really nice. Our daughter had a wonderful time. It was a bit on the pricey side though. $18 a person – no matter their age, no discount for lil children or any discount to be found online. I can’t think of many museums that don’t discount for toddlers, if not offer free admission. There is some sort of “discount day” sponsored by Target once a month, unfortunately it was not today.

– rant – Seriously Pennsylvania, what’s the deal with all of the construction? I can’t think of a single time in the past 18 years I drove on I 81 and didn’t see any active construction. I have no idea what you are fixing because your entire stretch of I 81 still looks horrible. We rode your very expensive turnpike and those roads looked even worse. And of course, there was construction on that as well. – end rant –

philly - sonnys

I’ve been dreaming about having a cheesesteak in Philly for years now. It’s like eating a hotdog at one of those pushcarts or bagel at bakery in NYC. After a little research, I decided my first authentic cheesesteak experience was going be: Sonny’s Famous Steaks.  I read several reviews and this one in GQ was pretty descriptive and informative.

Their review of Sonny’s – “Service is terrific—the folks behind the counter can’t do enough for you. I asked for more onions, and they were brought to our table. Want more napkins or more sauce? Help yourself. The rolls are very soft, the beef juicier and more plentiful than most, the provolone nicely gooey, the Cheez Whiz well integrated into the meat. ” Pretty much spot on. The bread was very soft and delicious. Nice heaping piles of juicy beef and gooey provolone. It was perfect. I ordered a side of fries. The cashier gave  me my fries and drink when I ordered. When my cheesesteak came up, she gave me another order of fries. I politely told her she had give me some already. She smiled and said don’t worry about it, just to take them. Super nice!

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