List making

It’s always good to make a list, especially if you take your thrifting seriously. It’s even better to make a great list.

We here at Blanco Bros. keep several lists.
It is very important for several reasons:

1) Keep track of what you already have and don’t: I have lost track over the years of how many times I purchased a dvd/cd/lp that I already owned or worst: I have accidentally purchased two or three more copies and now have several copies of the same album.

Sometimes with cds and records there is a variant version. I get them mixed up and end up purchasing the non-variant version.

2) Keep track of pieces or parts:  We all have that item that is almost complete and missing an essential part. It also serves as a reminder when you out and about to hunt and ask.
Ex: I attended toyfest this past summer with no list. It was horrible, I instantly saw several items I “thought” I needed. I ended up purchasing several duplicates and not purchasing the items I really did need.

3) Measurements, measurements, measurements: I don’t care how good someone’s memory is, there is no way you can remember everything. Especially measurements. I keep a page of several sizes of posters and frames that I need.

4) Must have list: Important for BOLO items or “Be On Look Out” items. Essentials. That thing you’ve been seeking for your entire life. Or possibly a category of items are you looking for, but are not familiar enough in, so you have to keep notes.

5) Customer want list: If you are like me, people are always impressed by stories of your “great finds”. One thing leads to another, your friend utters the magic words, “If you ever see XXX while you are out hunting, pick one up for me”.

Or perhaps you have a customer that said if you ever find another XXX, that they will take it.
These are important items not to forgot. This is how you build relationships with people; which in turn, can lead to other jobs. You spot these items, shoot someone a quick call/msg and seal the deal.

AKA client building.


What’s on your list?

Which leads us to… where do you save your lists?


So this past year, I decide to “clean up” my endless lists and scraps of paper I’ve had for the past ten years.

After much searching, I downloaded the app “Evernote” and it was a definite game changer for myself.
1) One of the best immediate benefits: I could view or upload my account anywhere. I could type a note on my computer in my basement and view it on my cellphone days later, hundreds of miles from home. Your notes sync between all devices, so you are always looking at a current draft.
Since I’m constantly out and about thrifting, I need certain things at my finger tips; my wantlists, hunting list, part list, etc.

For example, I attended an auction that was in the middle of nowhere with no cell coverage. I open evernote while I am in cell coverage and make sure my device is sync’ed. All of my notes are now accessible on my phone even though I have zero coverage.

2) There are many ways to “write” a note: You can: type, speak to type, record audio, draw a picture, take a photo, make a checklist, video note and screen shot a note. The possibilities are endless.

3) Each note can be saved into different “notebooks”: This can help with sorting and archival purposes. I can group all of my wantlists in one book and recipes in another.

4) You can share notes with other people: What does this mean? Say my friend is going to a record show. I can share my “record wantlist” note, and he can see exactly what I’m looking for. If he sees anything he can let me know. And vice versa. I don’t have to retype my list, copy n paste, etc.

5) There are millions of other features that are very handy: It is very easy to search for items in evernote. You can link notes together if needed. That way you don’t have to search for the original. It’s a tap away.

One thing I do is plan my out of town thrifting trips ahead of time. Map out locations to visit, places to eat, times, etc. So if I found myself visiting a city again, I can pull up that note and view all of the information I have saved on that city; where I went, what was good, what was not.

I have not written about my adventures thrifting in Rochester NY yet, but I constantly reference my notes every time I visit there. One time, we visited several stores. There were definitely a few duds. There was even a store that didn’t exist. Internet said it did. There were several places we didn’t make it to. Since I kept notes, next time around, we skipped the duds. We hit up the hotspots and visited a few on the outskirts of towns that we hadn’t seen the last time.


January totals:

Store   Newly Items listed
Ebay               47
Etsy                62

Not bad considering I started in the middle of the month. Next month goal, 224.


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