New Years Resolutions

Every year, we all make promises we can’t keep to ourselves. Call it part of the fun or laziness of New Years Resolutions.
For myself, this year I want to make some definite changes and set solid goals. Making a list online will help me keep focus. Once the end of the year hits, I can check to see if I completed my goals. So here we go:
1) Write blog entry once a week.  – Sounds like a lofty goal seeing as my last update was in September, but it’s not because of lack of material. I’ve been sitting on several entries for months now. Here’s what happens: I start writing but want the best information possible so I sit on it and continuously tweak it. So posts like the history of Syroco/Homco/Burwood etc are as complete and accurate as I can get them. I have to get better about posting and updating on a regular basis. Also I want to write more posts about shopping and buying. Take more pictures for posts as well. Everyone likes pictures.
As it is, this entry took a week to write. =/

2) List more items: goal eight items per day; four for Ebay, four for Etsy – Since my personal schedule is never the same everyday, I find myself sometimes not listing any items at all. The saying goes, “If it’s not out, you can’t sell it.” If it’s not online, it’s just sitting in my basement, taking up space. I’m probably sitting on over 300 items to list at the moment. If I list eight items a day, I should be able to get though that pile in about a month and a half. So if I can at least do eight (why stop there?), I should be in good standing.

101_1689 b

This is just a small portion of what I have to list. I have at least three totes and a few boxes.

3) Know when to say NO – I’m infamous for taking on more than I can chew. I love challenges and deadlines so sometimes I try to squeeze as much as I can out of a day. In order to do so, something has to give. I have A LOT of interests (I will get into that another day) and most of the time they just sit on the back burner. As mentioned above, I’m sitting on a backlog of items. I’m go to have to try really hard not to get sidetracked.

4) Buy new camera – I really didn’t like my Nikon D3100. The color always seemed off and I was spending more time color adjusting photos before I could list anything. So I sold it.  My old Nikon D40 took better, sharper images.

When I sold my D40 to get the D3100, I thought I was top-grading. What a disappointment. After some serious research, I found out the reason why I was not happy with this camera.

101_0405 b
The D3100 featured the Multi-CAM 1000 11 Autofocus (AF) subsystem. This sensor was also used on the: D3000, D5000, D3100, D90, D200, D3200, D5100, D3300, D80.  After reading reviews on all of these models, they all said the same things: colors were off, focus was not as sharp as they would like, problems adjusting, horrible in low light settings. The Multi-CAM 1000 seemed to be the common factor.

I think I outgrew beginner DSLRs, so it’s time to finally step up to a more advanced model. Currently I’m deciding between D300s, D7100, D600, D610. The D600 or D610 would be ideal. I’m leaning more towards the D300s as it falls within budget. The D300 is really cheap, but it only accepts CF cards, no SD. The D300S uses both.

5) Grow by business by 25% – I think that if I can focus on #2 & #3; I can obtain easily this goal. Focus will be key. Eight items a day x 365 days is 2920 items.

To keep focused, I think I will tack on the bottom of every post a progress report.
That’s all for now!


One thought on “New Years Resolutions

  1. I believe you can do this. Why do I say this. Because I am going to give you a bit of competition. So when you see me listing, you are going to be inspired/shamed into doing it.

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