East Aurora, NY / Toy Sale / Fisher Price

After putting it off for 10+ years, I finally made it out to the The Fisher-Price Collectors Club sale in East Aurora, NY on July 26th, which is specifically for Fisher Price toys.

The back story of me putting this off for so long is quite pathetic. I first read about it in 2002. For years, I didn’t have the money to make the trip. In 2007, I lost all of my playsets I had been collecting; in this building I use to live in (long story). I lost the castle, the McDonalds restaurant, both Sesame St houses, a western set, a garage, farm and many many others. A year or so later, I read they closed the toy museum in East Aurora and the Toyfest was done (2008 -2009). Or so I thought. Early this year (2014) I was searching something else on the web and came across the Fisher Price Club website and read the toy show had been resurrected.


Before I left, I forgot to write down WHAT I NEEDED!  I wasn’t trying to complete any little people sets because I don’t have any playsets… yet. I think I was just so excited about just going, I didn’t cross my mind to make a list. After the long anticipated wait, I can say it was definitely worth making the trip. There were 10 or so vendors and they had so many great items. I needed specific magnet letters for a few school days desks I’m trying to complete. I was able to get a complete set and some random ones. I guessed on some and managed to get a few I needed.


The Fisher Price Collectors Club sends out a paper newsletter for members a couple times a year. They also have a group on facebook.

Lots of great deals to be had and many wonderful items to be seen. I shopped by whatever caught my fancy. Which was dangerous for my pocket, but lots of fun.

I remembered growing up with so many of these toys. Things I had totally forgotten about it. Each one sent me back to period of time I had totally forgotten about. I got my daughter a few toys and few for myself. I will definitely be returning next year.


Afterwards, we hit up the East Aurora’s Chamber of Commerce Street and Sidewalk Sale, which the toy sale coincides with. There was this great “five and dime” store called, Vidler’s. It kinda of reminded me of Woolworth’s and Frank Bee’s. We frequented those places when we were kids. Aisles and aisles of useless things that you want to buy, but have no reason to. Kitschy items, toys, candy, you name it, they probably had it. Next door there was this great gourmet cupcake shop, called Firefly Cupcakes. I’m glad we don’t live closer, they were fantastic! We would be regulars.



We stopped by the Fisher-Price outlet store which is a few blocks away. It is attached to the Fisher Price HQ; the HQ unfortunately is not open to the public. The outlet store had all sorts of the modern FP stuff, along with several of the reissues: record player, tv, xylophone, milk truck. Along with other Mattel merchandise, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Thomas the Train, Disney Princesses, Monster High, Power Wheels, Matchbox, etc. Lots of sales and blowouts. Got some fun stuff for my lil one there as well.

Sign at Fisher-Price Outlet store

On the way into Aurora, I spotted a sign that said there was a flea market near by. I assumed by the time we left (3pm), it would have been closed. We drove by it and it was still open. This place was massive. The area of vendors not in the picture was pretty large as well.


Each unit was it’s own dealer. There had to be at least 60-75 dealers. Antiques, collectibles, fruit stands, junk dealers, etc. We caught the tail end of it and still managed to pick up a few cool items. Next time, we’ll spend a little more time here.

Then we made the long drive home.


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